Mieux que knetworkmanager ? – Better Than Knetworkmanager ?

Parce que j’ai eu des soucis récemment pour me connecter en wifi chez moi, je me suis intéressé aux alternatives. Le logiciel wicd semble être plutôt pas mal.

Recently, I have had some problems to connect in wifi at home. Thus I have checked other possibilities. Wicd seems to be pretty good.

I have found nothing interesting about it on the english ubuntu planet and wiki… But from this post by Racoon97[fr] or the french wiki[fr] you should be able to install it =)
[Edit]As you can see in comments, there is an English translation by Racoon himself! [/edit]

I will suppose that you are on gutsy (otherwise change gutsy for feisty in the following).
-First, add deb http://wicd.longren.org gutsy extras in your repositories[en].
->¡¡¡ Be careful when changing your sources.list. Always do some backup.!!!
-Update them
-Install wicd
-It will ask you to uninstall (k)networkmanager, say yes
->¡¡¡ Be sure to have some backup files to know how to configure wicd !!!
-For the tray icon, on KDE : kdesudo kate ~/.kde/Autostart/wicd.desktop
and paste the following:
[Desktop Entry]

Save, close, restart X And that’s all =)

Trouvé sur ce billet de Racoon97[fr] et sur le wiki[fr].

Pas besoin d’expliquer, puisque ces 2 liens le feront mieux que moi =)


~ by loquehumaine on 2007, November 9 - Friday.

2 Responses to “Mieux que knetworkmanager ? – Better Than Knetworkmanager ?”

  1. J’ai aussi tenté de faire une version US ici :
    Il y a une bonne part de traduction automatique mais ça peut surement aider ;-)

  2. Merci pour l’info, j’ai rajouté le lien dans le billet =)

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